The YBEC program is a collaborative effort to bring a multidisciplinary approach to educating secondary aged students with emotional support needs. Yellow Breeches is a private academic school licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to provide a quality, comprehensive, life-altering special education program for secondary school-aged students, identified with emotional support needs, who are at risk to fail in the traditional academic setting.

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Our program uses an effective highly regarded alternative to traditional methods of instruction. This approach is well-suited to meet the individual educational needs of students, especially within the context of a comprehensive Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Experiential Education

Experiential education is at the heart of YBEC programming. Our engaging themes, hands-on learning in the classroom, and interactive experiences outside of the classroom draw in reluctant learners. These creative experiences help motivate students by taking concepts from the classroom and transforming them into a real life context.

Adventure Education

YBEC utilizes an adventure program in conjunction with the experiential activities. The greatest benefit of the adventure-based program is the reframing or rethinking students may experience. Adventure trips place students in a dramatically different environment from their daily lives, breaking up their normal frame of reference and creating opportunities to see things in a different way. Carrying this ability into the classroom can free students from old restrictive frames and enable them to take on new roles and explore different behaviors.


Service learning combines both community involvement and learning goals in such a way that both occur and are enriched by one another. This approach to learning meets actual community needs as well as promote partnerships between schools and the community.,It also provides students the opportunities to use academic skills and knowledge in real-life situations, as well as foster the development a sense of caring for others.

Our classrooms extend far beyond the walls of traditional settings to promote, academic, social, and personal growth through experience.