Yellow Breeches is a private academic school licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide a quality, comprehensive, life-altering special education program for secondary school-aged students, identified with emotional support needs, who are at risk to fail in the traditional academic setting.

The design of our program is to meet and challenge the various educational needs of middle and high school age students who are having difficulty succeeding in a traditional academic setting.

Of primary concern in our program’s design, is development of our student’s character-education. We emphasize an intentional, proactive, and comprehensive approach to promote our program’s core ethical values of respect, responsibility, trust, effort, and courage throughout all phases of school life. In support of this effort, the program adheres to the basic principles of effective Character Education commissioned by the Character Education Partnership (CEP).

Character education principles are promoted and enforced through the implementation of a positive, peer normative culture which includes behavior management and level systems, to motivate and enhance our students’ abilities to learn.

School History

It all Started 35 Years Ago

It all started forty-five years ago when Mark Staszko Sr., the CEO of YBEC, was a student of Homeward Bound. This program taught young men discipline and endurance through intense wilderness experiences. It was these opportunities that led Mark on his path to adventure and experiential education. After graduating as a student of Homeward Bound, Mark became a staff member and received the first ever scholarship from the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Mark went on to work for several wilderness based programs throughout the United States in a variety of capacities. He was constantly learning from and creating some of the best programming in the field. The YBEC program incorporates the philosophies that Mark has found to be effective in changing the lives of students.

In 2000

YBEC was launched with the support of local area school districts. It incorporates many of the philosophies that Mark has found to be so effective in changing lives. Unique wilderness experiences, mentally and physically challenging activities, accountability, respect for each other and the environment, an orderly academic environment, and the encouragement of discipline are all at the heart of the program. It is these philosophies that have made YBEC so successful. We are proud to say that we are now serving over 20 school districts on the East and West Shore and over 200 students in our five campuses and five branch programs.

Our committed staff and continual strive for excellence in academic and experiential programming, have kept Yellow Breeches Educational Center, Inc. on the cutting edge in the field of special education.